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Solo Banjo (album)

Benji Flaming
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This recording celebrates the marriage of two things for which I posses a deep love: beauty and absurdity.

When, as a 10-year-old, I discovered that it was possible to play beautiful music on an instrument which most people thought of as loud and obnoxious, I was immediately captivated by the idea. Over the years that followed, I spent a great deal of time exploring different ways of tuning and playing the banjo, in order to create a larger and more satisfying sound.

This album, which I released in late 2009, contains some of my favorite solo banjo compositions. The overall character of the music is mellow and contemplative - similar to what you might expect from solo piano or solo guitar. It would also behoove me to mention that this CD was one of the 3 final nominees at the 2010 International Bluegrass Music Awards, in the categories of Best Graphic Design and Best Liner Notes.

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Solo Banjo (album)

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